Celebrity Hair: Leighton Meester

With her long, chestnut waves and gorgeous face, it was no wonder Gossip Girl author Cecily von Ziegesar thought Leighton Meester was “the perfect choice” to play Blair Waldorf in the TV series! This 23-year-old New Yorker is multi-talented: she’s making her mark on the music scene, has a burgeoning film career, is a spokeswoman for the prevention of domestic violence, and has been applauded for her bold fashion choices. She’s also pretty brave when it comes to her hair, as these photos show. Long, dark, blonde, shoulder-length, with fringe and without, Leighton’s done it all… but as to whether she goes for the major chop like Blair did in the book series is anyone’s guess! So which hairstyle do you think suits Leighton best?

Leighton Meester headband

Leighton Meester hair

Leighton Meester blonde

Leighton Meester brown hair

Leighton Meester blonde hair

Leighton Meester straight brown hair

Leighton Meester updo

Leighton Meester hair

Leighton Meester fringe

Leighton Meester hair

Leighton Meester blonde straight hair

Leighton Meester brown hair style

Blair Waldorf hair

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