Donating Hair How To

A lot of people need our hair donations, whether it’s due to chemotherapy or radiation treatments for leukemia, cancer, alopecia aerate and other diseases.

How To donate a hair

While it sounds great to help in theory, many of us have no idea how/where to get started.

We got some advice from stylist Ron Wehringer, “It takes 6 to 10 ponytails of donated hair to make one wig for a cancer patient or alopecia sufferer.”

Here are some steps to get started:
1. Choose your charity. There’s many to choose from, and there’s guaranteed to be one closest to your heart!

2. Ensure your hair is the right length, or grow it there. Hair only grows about half an inch a month, and the average length of hair accepted is between 10 and 12 inches long. Highly processed hair is often a problem to donate.

3. Have your stylist do it for you. Just be sure to follow all the directions given by your chosen charity. If you don’t, they might not be able to use it. And try to not take it personally if they aren’t: Not everyone can donate. The best hair for donation is clean, unprocessed and more than 10 Inches in length. Gray hair, dreadlocks, permed or bleached hair is not accepted. The hair must be either in a ponytail or braid when cut and remain that way when shipped. Loose hair, such as that trimmed and swept up, is not acceptable.

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