Eva Chignon Hairstyle

Eva Longoria chignon hair style

A lot of women do not get the concept that a hairstyle can be matched to attire or at least there are a lot of different ways to compliment what your wearing through your hairstyle. Some women overdo the hairstyle and it takes away from the complete look while others just choose a hairstyle that does not fit as well. Eva Longoria has always done a hands down job matching her hair to her wardrobe and in this photo she does it to perfection. The dress is a strapless piece with design around the top which is meant to be shown. Eva goes with a soft chignon with a sweep of the hair strong to one side instead of going for the high bun or leaving the tresses to hang around the sides. If she would have selected the other the other two styles, it would have taken away the appeal of the dress and look overall. This chignon looks classy and chic while still allowing the dress to shine. Take notes ladies because this is just one of the great ways to style an elegant hair style.

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