How to make really cute short hairstyles

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One cannot have too many variations in short hair. And there are times when you just can’t do anything with your hair. However, if you follow these steps, you can have really cute short hairstyles that will suit your appearance.

Step 1: Try to figure out the shape of your face. People usually have round, square, oval heart or a diamond shape. In case you are not able to understand, just take an intelligent guess.

Step 2: It is essential to see which color will best suit you. Sometimes it is better to stay with the natural color rather than dying them.

Step 3: Next it is important to see what type of mane you actually have in order to have really cute short hairstyles. For example some people may have thin and straight hair while others may have thick and voluminous. Some people have thick and curly hair, which are the most difficult to deal with. In this situation, get them layered so that they are manageable and look tamed.

Step 4: Now that you have determined the shape and type of your hair, it is time to get really cute short hairstyles. In case your face is oval, shaggy short hair with bangs at the side will look cute. People who have square face need to deal with their style more carefully. Square faces look more manly. Therefore, go for the short pixie cut in case you want a girlish style. Round shaped face look angelic. To accentuate that look you can opt for shaggy hairstyle along with disorganized bangs. One of the really cute short hairstyles for diamond shaped faces is the spiky look. You can bring out the cuteness by having short spikes. Heart shaped face has high cheek bones. Thus you can have spikes and highlight the bangs.

Cute Asian girls short hair style
Cute Asian girls short hair style

If you want to have really cute short hairstyles you have to take care of your hair so that the style lasts longer. Thus wash them regularly but use less conditioner or shampoo. It is best not to dye your hair at all. However, even if you want to dye, choose a color that compliments your skin.

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