Latest bob hairstyles for Fall 2010

Latest bob hairstyles for Fall

christina ricci bob hairstyle

Christina Ricci looked beautiful with a blunt cut bob, offset by tapered side bangs, hugs the face of her. This warm chestnut brown, so perfectly matching her eyes, may be her natural color. However, it appears lighter than ever and is absolutely stunning. Plus, this is much more better than the last bangs she had

Latest bob hairstyles for Fall 2010

Latest bob hairstyles for women

Lucy Liu- the latest hairstyle: Wavy bob hairstyle

A safe bet for the upcoming season will be Posh’s new hairdo, a graduated bob created for her by top London hair salon lockonego. The style is perfect for her fine features and far easier to maintain than her previous hair extensions. To get the look you’ll need to ask your stylist for a graduated bob. Phil Smith a celebrity stylist who recreated this look for the UK ’s NOW magazine advised that a V-shape section should be cut into the nape of the neck, the hair is deep point-cut and sliced through to create a soft flattering cut. To maintain the cut it should have a maintenance trim every 6 to 8 weeks. As you can see in the picture Posh’s hair is also coloured with a mix of golden blond and caramel blonde and has chocolate brown lo lights.

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