Madonna’s Celebrity Hairstyles

Madonna and Her Celebrity Hairstyles

As recent as the RocknRolla premier, Madonna has been seen with some of the most healthy and gorgeous of locks in the celebrity circles she runs in. Here is a look at the trends her hair has gone through over the years.


The straight and medium bob was a major do for Madonna that showed her motherly and sophisticated side. This look simply required blow drying and using a curling iron on the ends of hair for a moderate flip. With little maintenance, this style is easy to make and keep on a busy day.

madonna hair

The straight and long hairstyle Madonna wore with her long chestnut colored hair was striking and chic for her frame and facial structure. This concave long bob offered a little more work and maintenance than the straight medium bob of yester-years. Using a straightening iron and a bit of smoothing balm, this look can be achieved in about 40 minutes to an hour.

madonna medium hair

The straight long hairstyle worn at the 48th Grammy’s offered the long and sophisticated look but was still edgy with flipped ends and layers. This look is great for women with diamond or oval shaped faces, with medium or dense hair structures. This style is achieved by blow drying with a round brush and creating small flips in the layers around the face and the ends of the sides of the hair.

madonna wavy hairstyle

Regardless of which styles are your favorite, Madonna will always be known for pushing the envelope and coming out with new and intriguing looks to entice girls everywhere.

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