Styling Long Blonde Wave Hairstyle

beautiful long blonde hairstyle picture

This is a very beautiful long blond hairstyle with waves. If your hair is damp right now so you was wondering what you should put in and what you should do to it to get waves like this?You can simply get this effect by scrunching your hair while its wet. These are very loose curls – so scrunch and spray your wonder waves. you might not get the exact look because it depends on your hair texture and length.either braid it when it’s wet and let it dry overnight and take them out in the morning or put that spray in it while its damp, work it in a little and tomorrow u may have to fix and/or curl some pieces.

Use the wonderwaves spray then grab a hairdryer and start twisting and flicking your hair outwards (not inwards towards your face) do this untill you begin to gain a slight curl.

Once this is done and your hair is still slightly damp grab a big rounded brush and blowdry your hair folding it outwards with the brush. This will give you a grogeous curl such as the one in the picture.

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