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Triple Barrel Curling Irons – The New Wave!

The triple barrel curling iron is back! Regular curling irons can give your hair added body, curl and bounce that you may not have naturally but, the triple barrel curling irons are the only one that can give you the perfect S wave! Triple barrel curling irons give your hair a unique s-wave pattern that we are seeing on models and celebrities everywhere lately.

I like to use triple barrel curling irons on clients who want a beautiful s-wave in their hair, whether they want a vintage hairstyle, like Renee Zellweger in Chicago or they want beachy type waves like Taylor Swift in the pictures above.

Taylor Swift Curling Irons

Using a triple barrel curling iron isn’t as hard as you might suspect. This short video  explains exactly how it’s done. I’d like to add that you should use a heat protectant spray on your hair before using triple barrel curling irons (or any curling iron) to protect it from unnecessary heat damage.

Hot Tools 3-Barrel Waver, Triple Barrel Curling Irons

My favorite triple barrel curling iron is the Hot Tools Professional 3 Barrel Waver with gold plates. This iron  heats up to 360 degrees and has the option of a high and low heat setting. I use this curling iron regularly and it works great!

Another popular triple barrel curling iron is the Revlon Perfect Heat 3 Barrel Waver Irons . Although I haven’t used this one, I have seen that it has gotten good reviews, so be sure to check it out too in your search. It has ceramic technology and heats up in less than 60 seconds which is great news for getting out the door fast!.

Don’t forget to use a heat protectant spray prior to styling with triple barrel curling irons and take your time when using this type of curling iron, making sure to get all strands of hair. The s-waves created by a triple barrel curling iron look beautiful no matter what the occasion. Don’t forget to experiment with different hairstyles and updo’s too when using these curling irons, you can come up with looks you’ve never worn before!

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