Where to Part?

It may seem a minor part of our style–no pun intended–but the location of our hair part can define how we look – and moving that part can change our entire appearance!

woman part

Don’t stress though. I consulted celebrity stylist Robert Ramos, and he gave us some fabulous tips and tricks to find the most flattering part for our face!

Long-Faced Gals

If you have a narrow face, avoid center parts because it elongates and extenuates the narrowness of the face. Opt for a low-deep side part to add width to the face and make it appear less narrow.

Rounding It Out

If you have a round face, it’s best to avoid a low-deep side part and move it toward the center. By parting in the center of the head, the face will appear narrower. This is also an instant way to thin out cheeks!

Pump Up the Volume

Switching the part from the natural side to the opposite side will add volume to your hairstyle. Because the hair is not used to falling on that side of the face, it will add will have lift at the root, making the hair appear fuller and more voluminous.

The Girl With a Curl

Remember the ’90’s era zig-zag part? It is actually perfect for girls with curls, when correctly adapted. Instead of a severe zigzag, loosely with fingers weave through hair and create an off-centered part. This will help distribute the weight of coarse, curly hair. It avoids having too much volume on one side of the head by evenly placing the weight of the curls on both sides.

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